5Why implementation theory training      Ming-Yi Tsai   2014.2.12


I thought that Why-Why analysis should be used to identify all problems. After Kevin’s lesson, I realized that problems can be caused by real and root causes, which can be handled by different solutions.

Real cause can be find immediately—able to be directly handled with Corrective action(C/A) carrying out. For example, real cause of a cold is due to respiratory disease of viral infection. The direct solution is to take cold medicine. After finding the real cause, an action, solution, can be found and remedy soon.

Root cause is an organizational problem in the system, and it is potential danger and errors, which need to be analyzed by 5 WHY and improved with Preventive action (P/A). A real example is as follow: goods were ready for shipment on the first floor. However, the labels were not printed out for property management department to prepare for shipping out and delivery documents were produced in a hurry. Ivy’s advised to improve processing procedure—labels printed and offered for property management department in advance, which let them work on shipment earlier and reduced my own shipping task but produced documents only.

Via this instance, root cause of shipping document production rush is the processing procedure issue. It was produced for shipment on the same day. Now it can be done as earlier as we can—P/A is to do it earlier. A processing procedure improvement lets documents not finished in an oppressed time and shipment efficiency more smoothly increased on the same day.    

Real cause can quickly identify the problem and carry out the improving action. Root cause generally is indirect factor, which needs to be prevented from a system. Kevin’s training lets me understand their difference. I can conduct reorganization of either real or root cause for the problems I face in my work or living, use C/A or P/A to handle real or root cause. 

Yang’s explanation let me realize the definition difference, and this new idea enables me to quickly tell real and root causes and to properly handle problems with C/A or P/A when facing them on my own work.Relevant to abnormal quality issue, 5 Why is not necessary to be used for analysis for a real cause but root.The real and root cause difference can be applied to the current QCC activity—conducting the real and root cause analysis for the problem we face in our own work can quicker process the benefit analysis form.